Get to Know Your Township

Most people contact their township when they want to make a change to their property, like installing a fence or building a garage. But did you know that your township can be a source of invaluable information from local emergencies (evacuation plans for example) to tax hikes to building code changes and new housing developments? Before there's a... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

This lake is located on Westtown Road in West Chester,  Pa. I drive by this lake at least once a week and when I do I always feel like I'm living in a resort area. Westtown Lake is on the property of Westtown School, a Quaker School that has been in existence since 1799 and... Continue Reading →

A Season of Extremes

I'm firmly planted in the comfort of my own home waiting for Sandy to pass. Ice is in the cooler, wood by the fireplace and a hot cup of coffee by my side.  We are waiting.  I have time to think.  I am contemplating the extremes we have experienced this year: extremely low interest rates, extremely low home prices, extreme politics... Continue Reading →

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