Native Plant Sales and Events in Delaware and Chester County

After that surprise spring snowstorm early April, it's nice to finally hear the familiar hum of lawn mowers, and the most welcome sign of spring, tulips and daffodils dotting the local landscape. And for the serious gardeners, signs for local native plant sales! Every gardener knows that the best plants are the tried and true plants grown in... Continue Reading →

Each time it snows, I eagerly await the following morning to photograph my favorite places while the snow is still pristine and the light is  just right--it is one of my favorite things to do. On this day I headed over to Ridley Creek State Park early, knowing my afternoon would be consumed with sledding --something we don't get... Continue Reading →

Community Arts Center, Wallingford PA

Take a drive to the end of tree lined Plush Mill Road in Wallingford and get a glimpse into one of Delaware County’s most historic and interesting propeties. This place is so full of interesting nooks and crannies, I'm not sure what I like the best! Visitors know this property as the site of the Community Arts Center,... Continue Reading →

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