Conservation Easements. Are They For You?

One of the benefits of living  and working in Delaware and Chester counties is the natural beauty and history that surround the towns of Media and West Chester — especially in springtime when everything comes alive.

If I could hug these trees I would, or better yet, hug the owners who have protected their farm, because settings like this are becoming more the exception than the rule.

East Bradford Farm
Guthrie Farm is a private, 48 acre working farm that is part of the National Lands Trust.

It’s no secret that land development is taking place at an alarming rate, so it was gratifying when I found out that the owners of this property had taken steps to  protect their 58 acre farm in East Bradford township forever.

So, you won’t see any orange survey markers or  “coming soon” signs for new carriage homes on this property. And, if you buy a home near there, your commute will be a beautiful one!

As a matter of fact, the township of East Bradford has taken steps to protect about 650 acres of open space in perpetuity. Read the article here. Some townships who have open space on their hands decide to sell the open space to developers–even land that was donated. The only way to ensure that the land is not developed, even if it is sold, is by putting a restrictive use on it. Reading the minutes of various township meetings, residents are typically opposed to a township selling their open space because the reason they purchased their homes, or even paid a premium for, was because of the “open space” that they backed up to or were close to. These contemplated sales aren’t typically front page news in the Daily Local or the Daily Times, rather, you have to attend township meetings or read the minutes.

The Natural Lands Trust is for people who think the way these people did, and there are plenty others who have done the same thing all over the country and in our area.  While the Guthrie Farm is private, there are plenty of preserves that are open to the public! Take a look at the following :

  • Stroud Preserve (571 Acres), North Creek Road, West Chester
  • Willisbrook Preserve (20 Acres), Line Road, Malvern, Pa.
  • Binky Lee Preserve (112 Acres), Pikeland Road, Chester Springs, Pa.
  • Hildacy Farm (55 Acres), Palmers Mill Road, Media Pa.
  • Wawa Preserve (98 Acres), Valley Road, Media, Pa.

Saving these natural areas is not only good for the environment but it helps real estate values. To buy a home that sits across from preserved land, next to preserved land or just near it has value not only in your enjoyment, but also in real dollars.

If you like exploring new places as I do, you can search the Natural Lands Trust website for a preserve near you. And if you are thinking of preserving your property, you can get started  by exploring opportunities with the Natural Lands Trust and see if it is for you!

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Sunset Hollow Road, West Chester

Sunset Hollow Road, West Chester

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