Where to Donate Business Clothing and Accessories in Delaware County

Whether it’s a New Year’s clean out or right-sizing your business attire, if you are looking for a place to put your professional or other clothing and accessories to good use (as opposed to donating them to a thrift store), this article is for you! Some of these organizations are also looking for regular clothing for children, adults as well as other in-kind donations.

Many people I’ve worked with over the years prefer that their items go directly to someone who could use it as opposed to ending up in a resale shop. There are many organizations that provide gently used business attire and accessories to people entering the job market.  These organizations accept donations and give them to their clients FOR FREE.

Adult Clothing

Our Closet, Springfied, Pa.

Career Wardrobe.org

Project Home.org

Wings for Success

Clothes Mentor (Clothes Mentor pays you for saleable items, if accepted, and will donate unaccepted items to charity-you can decide whether to sell or donate)

Domestic Abuse ProjectDelaware County

City Team, Chester

Swarthmore Presbyterian Church

Williamson College of the Trades – Clothes Closet (men’s only– suits, ties, belts etc.)

Children’s Clothes

St. Agnes Day Room, West Chester, Pa.

Media Food and Clothing Bank, Media, Pa.

The longer you’ve lived in your home, it’s likely you have more items to go through than just clothes. You didn’t accumulate everything in a day and likely won’t get rid of it all in a day either.

Understandably, some people are not able to physically drive donations to the sites listed above. For that, Purple Heart and Salvation Army are still great options that go to good causes.

If you have a suggestion for additional organizations, please comment below or send me an email. Thank you!


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